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Contrastius -- These rocks, trees and bushes contrast with each other interestingly.

Loading Preview...Moeraki Boulder I -- One of the Moeraki boulders dotting a beach on the south island of New Zealand. Photo taken by Julia Arehart.

Loading Preview...Moeraki Boulder(s) II -- Several other Moeraki boulders. This picture and the previous one have not been doctored in any way, just scanned from prints. Photo taken by Julia Arehart.

Loading Preview...Paranormally Green Moeraki Boulder -- One of the Moeraki Boulders along the beach in an area of New Zealand, "greened." Photo taken by Julia Arehart, treated by Emerson Arehart.

Fracturock -- This rock in Utah fractured very interestingly. This is a natural fracture, and it seems very strange that such a break would occur naturally.

Granite Chief Cliff -- A grey cliff face with green flora accenting it nicely. The blue sky at the top provides a nice place to put icons!

Snowy Volcano I -- This is the top of a snow-capped volcano in New Zealand.

Loading Preview...Natural Sculpture -- YinYang symbol on the rocks -- Nature's sculpting. On the rocks in New Zealand. Photo by Julia Arehart.