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Welcome to the COMPLETELY REDESIGNED Off The Tripod, an "eye buffet" for cool photos and artwork taken/created/edited by Emerson Arehart, formatted to be usable as nice desktop backgrounds. Links take you directly to the pictures, which are oversized and in JPEG format. They do not look good when in the browser window, because they are oversized. But when you set them to fit to your desktop, then they will look great. All pictures where taken by and worked on by Emerson J. Arehart, unless otherwise noted. Copyright ©2000 Emerson Arehart. Use for anything other than desktop backgrounds/"wallpaper" is strictly prohibited. "Eye Buffet" is a term created by the author. Please write to me and tell me your opinions, and what you would like to see more of. Thanks for coming! Please tell your friends,and come back frequently.

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! News !

7/2/01: Another Photo Expedition
I will be gone for 2 weeks taking more photographs in the Nevada-Utah-Arizona-New Mexico area. My next picture posting will be on the 13th of July.

Posted The Blending of Water and Rock

6/15/01: It's back!!!
Hey everyone, the past month or so has been extremely busy for me. But now its over, and I am getting back into the groove. I will be posting approximately one pic per week now, I think. This week, enjoy another of my personal favorites, The Struggle Against Change.

5/7/01: Sorry about the extended delay in posting new pics
I apologize for my recent inconsistency in posting, I have been extremely busy with several projects. . Many great pics are coming this week. For today, here is a great pic of the Teton range. Enjoy Teton Splendor I

4/21/01: One more great pic posted
Sorry about yesterday, I was really busy with other projects. Today I just posted one image. Enjoy Majestic Joshua Tree III

4/19/01: One of my favorites has been posted for the first time!
Today I posted the image The Phantom ship in the Mist, a view of an island in Crater Lake, Oregon. A great picture!

4/18/01: Two more pics
I added one pic for today, one for yesterday, which I missed. These are blossoming plum tree photos(you can see them in the What's New section below). I have lined up quite a few new pics, which I will be posting daily (if I can find the time). There are quite a few really great photos, several of my personal favorites included!!! Keep coming back and you will see them.

I also made a few minor interface changes, and am almost done with the How To set desktop backgrounds/wallpaper section. Hopefully I will post this section tomorrow.

4/16/01: Another new pic
This morning I fixed picture 26, which was supposed to be uploaded with yesterday's set, and you can find it in the What's New section below. I have some pictures of a blossoming plum tree which will be posted in the next couple days (I'm trying to get people to come back frequently!).

I want to hear from you. What do you think about the new site design? Please Write to me and tell me!

4/15/01: 7 new pics!!!
Today I posted 7 pictures that I pulled from my albums. There should be 8, but one of them needs a bit more fixing up. There are lots more coming, too -- I have been looking at some old slides, and some of them will be posted once I get them scanned. I am really excited to have the site back on-line, and hope that you all enjoy these pics!

4/14/01: FINALLY!
This site was FINALLY put back online April 14th, 2001. If you're a new visitor, welcome! If you have visited before, thanks for coming back! I'm back on track, and new pictures will be coming your way in a couple days!



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What's New?

Here are the 15 newest pics, newest on top:

The Blending of Water and Rock -- Pebbles in Jenny Lake, the Grand teton range, Wyoming. A personal favorite!

The Struggle Against Change -- An old barn and windmill, sans supports, twisted and leaning, still stand, silently, indomitably.

Teton Splendor I -- The Grand Teton range in Wyoming, viewed across Jenny Lake.

Majestic Joshua Tree III -- This majestic Joshua tree was found in a desolate valley in Southern California.

The Phantom ship in the Mist -- A small, mysterious island seen through the mist in Crater Lake, Oregon.

Plum desktop I -- A plum tree in Sacramento, California.

Plum Desktop II -- Another shot of the plum tree, from a different angle.

Contrastius -- These rocks, trees and bushes contrast with each other interestingly.

Torn Wood -- This log had torn at the bottom and ended up looking quite interesting.

Fracturock -- This rock in Utah fractured very interestingly. This is a natural fracture, and it seems very strange that such a break would occur naturally.

Breaking Dunes -- After a night of rain and a morning of sun, an interesting "crust" formed on these sand dunes. When the crust was "broken" from above, interesting patterns formed. Photo by Greg Arehart.

Granite Chief Cliff -- A grey cliff face with green flora accenting it nicely. The blue sky at the top provides a nice place to put icons!

Dove Lake -- A very still Tasmanian lake reflects the mountains surrounding it. Photo by Julia Arehart.

Geothermal Cauldron I -- This hot spring is very colorful due to the varied mineral deposits found in it. Photo by Greg Arehart.

Snowy Volcano I -- This is the top of a snow-capped volcano in New Zealand.

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