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Welcome to the OFF THE TRIPOD EN-MASSE DOWNLOAD PAGE. Now you can open this site, then hide it and do something else while the entire desktop picture archive loads. The pictures are oversized and in JPEG format. They do not look good when in the browser window, because they are oversized. But when you set them to fit to your desktop, then they will look great. All pictures where taken by and worked on by Emerson J. Arehart, unless otherwise noted. Copyright ©2000 Emerson Arehart. Use for anything other than desktop backgrounds/"wallpaper" is strictly prohibited. "Eye Buffet" is a term created by the author. Please write to me and tell me your opinions, and what you would like to see more of. Thanks for coming! Please tell your friends,and come back frequently.


Oregon Tree

Sequoia From Base


In honor of site that has directed most of the visitors to this site, I have prepared the following picture of an oil rig. I used to be in the picture; using my imaging skills, I have removed all traces of myself. Difference clouds, a Photoshop filter, has been applied. However, you have to email me to get the picture. It should only take a few minutes or hours at the most before you recieve the secret location of this image. IT IS, HOWEVER, ABSOLUTELY FREE!


I have several ALASKAN SUNSETS lined up for use, but there have been problems with the resolution of the slide scanning. I also have some pictures from GOBLIN VALLEY, UTAH (very interesting rock formations), and incredible THUNDERSTORM PICTURES! Come back often; these astonishing pics will be up, hopefully, within a few weeks!



Loading iew...Blue Dunes -- Sand dunes and mountains in death valley, turned ominously blue...

Loading iew...Sponged Dunes -- The same dunes, sponged...

Loading iew...Mud and Sand desktop -- Dried mud in a valley between sand dunes. VERY nice desktop picture.  



Loading iew...Moeraki Boulder I -- One of the Moeraki boulders dotting a beach on the south island of New Zealand. For more information on the boulders, and other pictures on this page, please write me. Photo taken by Julia Arehart.

Loading iew...Moeraki Boulder(s) II -- Several other Moeraki boulders. This picture and the ious one have not been doctored in any way, just scanned from prints. Photo taken by Julia Arehart.

Loading iew...Paranormally Green Moeraki Boulder -- One of the Moeraki Boulders along the beach in an area of New Zealand, "greened." For more information on these unique rock formations and the nation of New Zealand, please write to me. I intend to have a site regarding the rock formations in this section up soon, once I acquire the information necessary.  Photo taken by Julia Arehart, treated by Emerson Arehart.

Loading iew...Natural Sculpture -- YinYang symbol on the rocks -- Nature's sculpting. On the rocks in New Zealand. Photo by Julia Arehart.


Loading iew...Sturt Desert Pea, Watercolored -- South Australia's official flower. For more info on my adventure through 'Oz,' please write me. Photo taken by Julia Arehart, watercolored by Emerson Arehart.


Loading iew...Electric palms -- Silhouetted blue palms, color-penciled -- VERY cool, and VERY ominous.

Loading iew...Sketched Palms -- Sketched Palms, in color.


Loading iew...Swirled Joshua Tree -- View of Joshua trees from bottom of trunk, watercolored and swirled!

Loading iew...Joshua Forest -- A Joshua tree forest on a desolated state route in California.


Loading iew...Dogwoods Desktop I -- Looking up through dogwood blossoms at the blue sky; watercolored. A non-watercolored version can be seen here.

Loading iew...Dogwoods Desktop II -- Another view from below, of the same tree. A non-watercolored version can be seen here.


Loading iew...Sequoia From Base -- The Oregon Tree in Kings Canyon National Park, California. More Sequoia Pics coming soon!


Watercolored Kiwifruit on the vine -- "Chinese Gooseberries," as they were originally called, were introduced to New Zealand many years ago. Since then they have become a major crop of the country, and have such an association with the nation that they were named after the national bird. This picture was taken at one of the main orchards in the northeast part of the North Island of New Zealand.


Loading iew...Fiordland Waterfall (Watercolored) -- A nice waterfall over mossy rocks in Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand. Yet again, I will mention you can write to me and recieve more information. Photograph by Julia Arehart. Watercolored in Photoshop by Emerson Arehart.


Red Watercolored Sky I -- Nice Sky Picture. Taken in residential neighborhood, Reno, NV by Julia Arehart. Treated in Photoshop by Emerson Arehart.

Tell me which are your favorites so they can become the picture of the month, or week if I get enough response. I know you have long, busy days, but please take the time to comment.


Thank you for viewing these pictures. Please write to me if you like them. Just click the link below!!! Come back soon!!!

Emerson Arehart --

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